Uber wins U.S. court appeal to push price-fixing case to arbitration

Uber filed an appeal to the the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan to push a price-fixing case brought by an unhappy customer, Spencer Meyer to arbitration.

The Court held that Uber had properly notified customers in online user agreements that disputes should be arbitrated.

In a 3-0 decision, the appeals court also said the passenger, Spencer Meyer, agreed to arbitrate his own claims, but could try to show Uber waived its right to arbitration by actively fighting him in court.

The decision reinforced efforts to enforce arbitration requirements, which are often buried in long lists of terms and conditions that customers never see.

 Internet companies and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce warned that a loss by Uber could inhibit growth in mobile commerce and call into question the enforceability of online contracts.