Predicting Case Outcome

There is an article published by ScienceMag¬†stating that “Artificial intelligence prevails at predicting Supreme Court decisions“. AI experts have claimed to be able to predict Supreme Court decisions better than lawyers even though the AI bot is fed with less information compared to what the lawyers have.

The author stated that:

“A new study shows that computers can do a better job than legal scholars at predicting Supreme Court decisions, even with less information.”

The AI algorithm focuses on predicting the Judges’ behaviour, using key words used in the court to “guess” what the Judges’ views are on the case.

According to ScienceMag, the accuracy of the studies could go as high as 70%.

If it is possible to achieve the accuracy rate of 70%, this could serve as a pretty good guide to more junior lawyers and clients as to where their case is heading.

However, from our experience, we have seen highly skilled and experienced lawyers being able to predict outcome of cases with as high as over 90% accuracy rate.

We can see that maybe the AI bots are still far behind what a highly skilled and experienced lawyer could do. But one day, the AI bot will catch up…who knows.